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Data Science

  • $85.00 - $140.00 / hr
  • Northland
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Complex dataset, question-mark => magic => you know what to do. Let me be the magician.

I’m well versed in handling missing datapoints in timeseries, ambiguous data like free text, Monte Carlo simulations to improve your intuitions on what the answer would likely look, and humongous datasets like full-blown cosmological simulations (I’d be especially interested to hear from you if you’ve got similar stuff). I’ve followed the machine learning field from before it was cool and could help you figure out if something/what would help.

The hourly rates are a guideline, I’d rather get a price fixed up front, to be paid only upon success – how else can you be sure I really try my best, how else can I decide if the project warrants my energy?


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Data Scientist and Scrum Master

  •  Sep 2016 - Present

Explore data:
- Collect, clean and organize data
- Conduct quantitative evaluations and/or analyses
- Conduct qualitative evaluations and/or analyses
- Visualize data

Design and conduct research experiments:
- Support the development team by testing open source tools
- Write scripts for testing hypotheses
- Conduct evaluations.


PhD in Computational Astrophysics

  •  ETH Zurich
  •   - Aug 2015