Meet New Zealand’s Preferred Freelance Marketplace: NEEDED

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Meet Needed - New Zealand’s Preferred Freelance Marketplace

The internet is one of our most powerful resources. Apart from making a freelance marketplace like this possible, it has made it easier for communities to connect on social media, for artists to share their work with a willing audience, and for businesses to promote and connect with their target audience, all without stepping outside. The current global pandemic has only further proven how valuable the internet is. It is no longer a luxury for some but a necessity for all, individuals and businesses alike.

While we can’t say we are thankful for the impact the COVID-19 crisis is having, it has made the timing of our website launch much more poignant. That’s because our online platform aims to help New Zealand businesses continue to do what they do best by bringing together a network of reliable and professional Kiwi freelancers. We are here to help businesses find the right talent for the right job or project while also helping to support the local New Zealand community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and agencies to connect with clients.

What we do

Our mission is simple. To help you source the talent you need when you need it. From copywriters to coders, web designers to accountants, admin professionals to musicians, Needed features over 200 categories worth of skill and talent. Whether you are looking for freelancers to help complete a specialised job, contractors to fulfil a small admin task regularly, or a creative mind to help turn your wild idea into a tangible product, you can find them on Needed.

 Kiwis supporting Kiwis

We’ll be the first to admit that we are not the only ones who thought to create an online freelance marketplace. There are many websites out there in the gig economy that help businesses and freelancers connect and work on projects together. However, the big difference with Needed is that it was made specifically for a New Zealand audience. Think of us like your neighbourhood farmers market, supplying only the best locally grown talent. Needed is brimming with that distinct New Zealand flavour, spirit, and Kiwi ingenuity.

The problems we solve

Needed was made by Kiwis for Kiwis so that we can fill a gap that overseas freelance websites cannot. We remove language or cultural context barriers, as all the buyers and freelancers listed are in New Zealand. You don’t have to worry about delays in communication or delivery times because everyone is based in the same time zone. We also operate with high security, so you can trust that all our users are professional and reliable. What’s more, using Needed will support local businesses and talented entrepreneurs.

How it works for New Zealand businesses

Signing your business up for Needed is free and easy. You can manually set up an account or connect your profile through Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. Once you’re set up, you can begin your search. You can search through the services section if you want a particular service to be filled, say, a logo to be designed.

Here, freelancers have listed the kinds of tasks they offer, complete with all the details you need to know, like costs, timeframes, specifications, and reviews from people they have worked with. Services on offer range from the mundane, perfect if, for instance, you need to outsource some admin tasks, to the bold and creative, like if you wanted someone to write you a custom song.

If you need a specific skill set for a custom job, you can also browse through freelancers based on location, hourly rate, and specialisation filters. Once you have found a profile that looks like a good match, you can reach out to discuss your unique needs and work with them to outline the scope of your specialised project together.

Alternatively, you can post your project and let the talent come to you. It’s more or less like posting a job listing. All you need to do is add what you are looking for, and freelancers will respond with offers for you to choose from. Too easy!

Projects are only marked as complete once you give your final approval, all requirements and deadlines have been met, and payments are processed through our secure network. All freelancers are also rated based on their previous work, so you can trust that anyone you work with is reliable and professional.

 How it works for Kiwi freelancers

Signing up for Needed is a great way to earn extra cash, build your portfolio, or gain more experience in your desired field. We accept skills and talents of all kinds. Whether you are particularly gifted at writing funny emails, can whip up a stunning logo in no time, or know your way around an Excel spreadsheet, Needed is an opportunity to connect with customers who need your unique skills.

On your Freelancer profile, you can list your skills and noteworthy experiences and set hourly rates so the right client can find you. You can even connect your social profiles to further reference your skills. Alternatively, you can create custom projects with a defined scope for people to come and purchase, or you can search and apply to job listings that buyers have posted.

Our freelance community

Whether you are looking to buy or sell services (or maybe even both!), you join a community of like-minded New Zealanders by joining Needed. Not only are we offering a tangible service, but we also hope we are offering inspiration. Inspiration to start that project you have been thinking about for ages, inspiration to build up your skills, and inspiration to connect with others. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today.