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Alexa Peters

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Hello! I’m Alexa, a passionate and creative freelance copywriter in Auckland, New Zealand. With over five years of experience in the copywriting industry, I specialise in crafting compelling, persuasive, and SEO-optimized content that resonates with audiences and drives results.

My journey began after graduating with a degree in Communications from the University of Auckland, where I discovered my love for storytelling and the power of words. Since then, I’ve enjoyed working with diverse clients, from startups to established brands, helping them articulate their message and connect with their target audience in meaningful ways.

My expertise spans various forms of copywriting, including website content, blog posts, email marketing campaigns, social media content, and product descriptions. I have a keen interest in sustainability and technology, but I thrive on the challenge of writing for different industries and niches.

My dedication to understanding your brand’s voice and objectives sets me apart. I believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with my clients to ensure that every piece of content meets and exceeds their expectations. I aim to help your business stand out, attract the right audience, and achieve your marketing objectives.

Looking forward to creating something amazing together!

Revitalising Brand Identity Through Strategic Copywriting

In this project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with EcoPure, an emerging eco-friendly cleaning product brand, to overhaul their brand messaging and align it with their core mission of sustainability and health. Our objective was to redefine the brand’s voice, making it resonate with eco-conscious consumers and stand out in a crowded market.

Eco-Friendly Product Launch Campaign

Brand Voice Development: Conducted workshops with EcoPure’s team to understand their vision and values. This collaborative approach helped us craft a unique brand voice that was authentic, engaging, and inspiring.

Website Overhaul: Rewrote the website copy to reflect the new brand voice, focusing on clarity, persuasiveness, and SEO. The home page was redesigned to immediately convey EcoPure’s mission, with clear calls to action to guide the customer journey.

Product Descriptions: Created vivid, benefits-focused product descriptions for their entire range. Each description highlighted the eco-friendly aspects and health benefits, making it easy for consumers to understand why EcoPure’s products were superior.

SEO Content Strategy: Implemented an SEO strategy that targeted keywords related to eco-friendly living and sustainable cleaning products. Produced a series of blog posts and articles that positioned EcoPure as a thought leader in the space.

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